An Overview of April Stevens' Musical Career

April's Society recordings bring to mind the sweet lilting voice of a Disney heroine, but with a libido. Backing the release of 'Don't Do It', (a thinly disguised double entendre lyric with lines like 'I need it, How I want it') with 'The Sweetest Day', which would be a perfect 3 minute soundtrack for a cartoon about happy little hearts and flowers in October, perfectly exemplify this concept. Her delivery is so innocent, so pure, that you could almost believe she had no idea what the lyrics double-entended.

Of course, recording artists competed in a male-dominated milieu in the early '50s, and the idea of an innocent young virgin who isn't really quite aware of what she's giving in to, yet secretly craves the man's attentions, is a male invention. And it worked wonders for the servicemen of the time. There were stacks of fanmail, and a favorite theme was thinking up a title for April to be awarded. Some of them (and there are pages of them) were:

The Gal We'd Most Like To Share Our Tent With
The Girl We'd Like Most To Spend Uncle Sam's Money With
Miss Sexy Voice of 1952
The Girl With Whom We Would Most Like To Be Marooned On An Iceberg
Our Pert, Petite, Pretty, Powerfully Potent Package of Passion
The Girl With The Bedroom Voice
The Girl To Replace Central Heating
Radio's Silk Pillow
The Intimate Miss With The Musical Kiss
The Girl With The Passionate Purr
The Voice Behind the Moon

And the letters themselves give some insight to just how important April's sweet yearning innocence was to some of the boys, ala:

"We long for companionship of those we love. One consolation we have is that you are here with us - on records, on the radio, in our minds. When we hear your soft sensual tones floating through our room, we feel ourselves carried away to a world of love and ecstasy. All our troubles are erased and we find ourselves reposing on the proverbial pink cloud. To us, you are the epitome of feminine charm."

"On my disk-jockey program, The Voice of The Desert, in Saudi Arabia, you are one of my favorite recording artists, and as for the rest of the base, more of your records are requested than any other artist. Please keep them coming, you are doing the morale of this isolated base wonders...Dhahran, Saudi Arabia"

"Darling, your voice! You don't know how much your songs mean to my men. Something like you is what all of us is fighting for. They all wanted me to write for them. We want your photograph immediately. So darling, don't let us down, we aren't (letting) you (down). We are trying our best over here. So please don't let us down..." M/Sgt Front Lines, Korea

"You have a voice that's two parts heaven and one part hell. It makes you feel like bending an iron bar. You feel like cussing and crying and writing a letter to your girl and putting a lot of mush in it, that you never knew you knew..."

"Every time someone who has heard 'Don't Do It' is asked to describe it, he is siezed by what amounts to convulsions and an expression that closely approximates that of a starved dog dreaming of a T-bone steak. You have quite an effect on a man under normal conditions, imagine what it is like when you haven't seen a woman for ten months..." Aleutians